Online Game Review: Troy

Troy is an online flash based game which belongs to strategy genre. The game is quite similar to other “tower defence” games. Troy is a two dimensional game with average graphics (as expected of flash based games). The game download took quite some time as compared to game size. However I am not sure whether it’s due to the game size or because of too much load in Miniclip server. The game play goes like this- You have to defend your castle from approaching waves of enemy soldiers. You can kill the enemy soldiers in two ways. The first way is to kill them using your crossbow from the top of the castle. If you have enough gold with you, you can buy additional crossbows. This will increase the rate at which you can kill the incoming soldiers-very important in advanced levels. Apart from that you can also purchase your own soldiers (swordsmen, archers, etc). Once you have earned enough gold, you can go for additional options- like advanced fortification of your castle, better protection for your troops, etc. Currently, I am in 3rd level only while playing for last one hours. let me know how many levels you have crossed!

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Online Game Review: Elite Force Clone Wars

Elite force clone wars is a strategy cum action game. Here your target is to multiply your force & capture your enemy’s barrack before they can outnumber you. The game is quite good to play for first few levels & will interest you if you like strategic games. After first few levels it becomes repetitive, tedious & boring. Another point is, since it’s a 2d game maybe all of the online player will not like that much. Anyway the game play is decently good, with not so much impressive graphics or sound. What you have to do is, capture as many barracks as possible before your enemies outnumber you. The barracks will help you in multiplying your clones & hence capturing them is of utmost importance. If you capture more barracks than your enemy then your soldiers will multiply at a greater rate & you can defeat your enemy easily. But the trick lies in how to capture the barracks & how to retain them against the repeated attacks by adversary. The blue barracks refer to friendly ones whereas the red ones belong to enemy. The grey ones are neutral ones, so try them to capture as soon as possible as they will not oppose you.

I will not 100% recommend you this game, but you can give it a try!

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Online Game Review: Penguins Attack 2

When was the last time you have heard about penguins attacking human beings that too knowingly? Ok, what about penguins flying? Of course, I know penguins can’t fly but what if they fly on fighter planes. If not in real life, at least you have to face similar situation in “Penguins Attack 2”. The game belongs to strategy genre. The game quite captures your attention & once you start playing it you will not able to stop yourself. The penguins attacking in flocks & you trying to kill them, that is the game plot!

Now in each level you will be given a map, with an entry point for penguins & one exit point. If the penguins reach the exit point you will lose one life for each penguin that crosses it. So, you have to find ways to stop the penguins in the way between entry & exit point. For this, you will be given a choice of weapons that you can buy depending upon your available budget. The number of penguins that attack you will keep on increasing with each level & so do their sophistication. Howeve, in the positive side you can also upgrade your existing weapons & unlock new ones. I am still stuck at level 2 😦 . Hoping to cross it soon. Why don’t you give it a try!

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Online Game Review: Navy Battles

Navy Battles is a very interesting online game. It belongs to genre of strategic games, though somewhat different from others in the same group. In this game you need both strategy & luck to survive. Missing any of those will lead to certain death for the complete fleet. In the first level you will be provided with 7 vessels- five surface combatants, including one aircraft carrier & two submarines. You can place them in any formation as you like or you can let computer decide how to do it (automatically).

Once you have created the battle group formation, you can start playing the game. On the left half of the screen there will be your fleet & on the right hand side there will a grid like maze(enemy fleet will be invisible). Now you will get a chance to select one grid at a time(double click on the grid square). If you miss to find any enemy ship, that spot will become blue (miss point). If you have hit an enemy ship, that part of grid will become a red spot denoting “hit point”.  Next, your enemy will get a chance.  The one who finishes blasting off the opponent’s battlegroup first, wins the game.

The main downside of this game is that, it doesn’t allow multiplayer & you can just play against computer only.

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Navy Battles