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Play football in style with the latest version of soccer franchise FIFA Soccer 2013. Not only improved graphics & game play, but it will take you the next level of game reality. There are tremendous enhancements in gameplay mechanics, multiplayer options and available teams/leagues. Some of the other salient features include one touch control, nw offensive & defensive moves & EA Sports football club. EA Soccer Club provides an excellent social networking opportunity where you can connect with your friends, earn rewards & enjoy live challenges.

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Online Game Review-Gutter Ball

You want to practice a little bowling while working from the confines of your office-then gutter ball is the right game for you. Don’t go after the name, I know it’s a little awkward but the game it’s quite nice (if not brilliant!). Gutter ball is quite catchy & interesting for a first few games, after that it becomes quite repetitive. The game is simple & flash based. You have both the option to play alone or to have a second player. There are 4 kinds of bowls to choose form with each having different speed & spin characteristics. The game window is quite small & if you want to play it full screen there is an option to download the game. The commenting & crowd effects are repetitive & irritate quite a lot.

It’s recommended only if you are a diehard fan of bowling or there is nothing else better to do!

Click here to play Gutterball.

Online Game Review: Street Sesh

If you are a fan of Street skate sesh, then this game is definitely for you. The game is available in two series namely Street Sesh & Street Sesh 2. This series has got lot of rave reviews & easily qualifies among one of the online games available over internet. The game is in 3d & is fun to play. It is quite realistic and you can relate with the surroundings. You can do a lot of stunts with your skate board. The more you do stunt the more points you can collect. You can also collect bonus points and new pair of shoes with special shoe boxes. But always watch for the traffic & those stairways.

My personal favourite is the first part. I like the urban street setting with little traffic. It helps me in achieving the speed & doing most of the tricks easily. In Street Sesh 2, the traffic is denser and you have to apply the brakes a lot. Overall, this series is very nice, though simple. I suggest this game to all online game lovers. Please make sure to play this game at least once.

Click here to play Street Sesh.

Click here to play Street Sesh 2.

Online Game Review: World tennis

Finally, an online game for tennis lovers. World tennis is a simple online game, with very easy game play & controls. Graphics is ok & sound effect is quite effective. The game has two modes- Friendly match & Tournament. A single match consists of 3 sets and for winning the game the player has to win minimum of two sets. Each set in turn is divided into points. Controls only include the up, down, left & right keys, with space bar to strike the ball.

While serving the ball, you need to hit the space bar twice-once for lifting the ball & once for striking it. World tennis requires quick reflex actions from players & you need to predict where your opponent will play the ball. The game is quite enjoyable for first few times and after that it becomes repetitive & somewhat boring. So, go for this game in case you want a quick hand on tennis, but don’t expect too much from this one.

Click here to play World Tennis.