Online Game Review- Crush the Castle

Now this one is a funny & at the same time very interesting game. The game play is simple & effective. You are a loyal commander to the terror king. You have to use your trebuchet to deadly effect to destroy the castles in the nearby regions & kill their owners. The first level is very simple & quite funny. In the first level you will get only limited varieties of projectiles (stones) & the variety will keep on increasing with each level. The lesser the number of projectiles you take to destroy the castles & kill their owners better is your chances of winning the gold medal. You have to destroy the castles with a limited number of projectiles to earn the gold, silver or bronze medal. With each level you will find yourself in a different region with stronger castles & more number of occupants to kill. The sound effect of the game also changes to suit the game environment & I really liked it. This game is very good to test your trigonometry skills & also to pass some quality time.

Check out the game here.


Online Game Review: Sky Fighter

Sky fighter is a fighter aircraft based action game. The graphics & plane handling are very rudimentary (as expected from online games of this genre). The game play is very simple. First you need to take off from the base. Soon you will face enemy interceptors. You can neutralize them using guns & rockets. For ground targets, you can use the bombs. But remember bombs & rockets are not unlimited. However, once finished you can refill them easily, by just touching the airdropped containers containing bombs & rockets (they will appear in the form of air dropped containers dangling through parachutes).

You will surely enjoy this game if you are looking for just out & out shooting fun. But this game could be made much more intuitive with better game-play. This game is surely not a match for Dog Fight 2 which is much better & more fun to play. However, give this a shot & let me know if you have enjoyed it or not!

Click here to play Sky Fighter.

Online Game Review-Dog Fight 2

After long time, I played such a beautifully crafted online game. Dog Fight 2 has all the important aspects that you expect out of an online game, be it the graphics, background sound or game play. No wonder it’s one of the most famous of all online games. In this second edition, you will be on side of Germans in the Great War. You have to fly various missions from interception of enemy aircrafts to bombing raids. Though the game is 2 dimensional but its graphics is as exciting, if not more, as other 3d online games.

You have to kill the incoming enemy fighters and if required you have to simultaneously carry out bombing raid too. Also, avoid crashing your plane in ground. You will get 5 lives to complete the game & if you fail the game will start again from beginning (first round). For every special tactics you employ, you will get additional bonus points.  My personal favourites are loops & inverted passes. Once I tried to perform Pugyachev manoeuvre too  J . Though in the first few levels the game play is quite easy, it will get more & more difficult with each increasing level.

Click here to play Dog Fight-2.

Dog Fight-2

Online Game Review: Palisade Guardian 2 Modern Combat

Palisade Guardian 2 is a purely shooting game with no game story whatsoever. This is a basically first person shooter game. The player needs to protect a house from breaching by enemies. You will be located on the roof of a nearby home & provide with a MP5 machine gun (first level). You have to eliminate swarm of enemies trying to breach the house.  With each level number of enemies attacking the house and their sophistication will increase.  As the level increases, you have to face RPG’s, mortars, jeep mounted RPG’s, tanks, etc.

As you earn money you can buy advanced weapons like M249 SAW or an RPG.  There are 35 levels in this game (& I got bored at level 4).The game does not involve any kind of strategy and neither requires any kind of thinking from player’s side. It’s just a pure out & out shooting games. So if you are looking for a game with nice story or plot, this is definitely not for you. Go for this game only if you want to spend your time improving your mouse/touchpad control skills.

Click here to play Palisade Guardian 2.

Palisade Guardian 2

Online Game Review:Russian Affairs

Russian affairs is a third person shooter/action-adventure game. The game is quite interesting with a nice storyline to follow (like IGI). The game design is quite unique for an online game. The graphics are like comic strips but looks very decent. The background adds to game story line & creates a domestic underground mafia type atmosphere. The game controls are quite easy, at least in the starting part of the game. As the game advances, it becomes little difficult to move & shoot at the same time. The game file is around 5 MB, so it may take some time in slow/dial-up connections.

The game plot goes like this- Some underground mafia gang is making high powered weapons. The job of you & your team is to look out for those weapons & destroy them before the gang members can use them to create mayhem. But soon you realise that your complete team is wiped out & you are the only member alive to carry on the operation. The game is good in all the aspects, but just lacks in one place- that is, it’s quite repetitive. After playing for around an hour I got quite bored.

But, please give it a try. I am sure lots of people will like this game.

Click here to play Russian Affairs.

Russian affairs

Online Game Review: Apple Shooter

This is a really funny shooting game. After so many days I had a hearty laugh while playing this game. The game is very simple yet very funny & interesting. As the name suggest, you need to shoot an apple. And the funny part is that the apple will be kept on another person’s head. Now, you made a slight mistake & that person will lose his life (or eye at least!).

I tried to cross this game as much as possible but was able to reach only till 40 meters. After that it becomes quite difficult. And yes, I have tried various ways in which we can kill the person with apple in his heads! You can sever his head or take out that intestine from his stomach. Ok, now its getting quite gory, so I will leave it here. Now it’s your turn to play. Think twice before you take a shot. Someone’s life is in your hands.

Click here to play Apple- Shooter.

Online Game Review- Zuma Deluxe Game

It’s another of the bubble shooter game but with a twist. Here the bubbles will not move in a linear fashion, but will follow a spiral path. You need to prevent the bubbles from reaching Zuma (the centre). The bubble will regularly keep on coming & if they reaches Zuma, you will lose. So try to destroy the balls before they reach their target. How to destroy the balls?- Its same as any other bubble shooter game, try to shoot the balls in such a way that it forms a group of three or more balls. In case they form a group, all the balls in that group will disappear giving you some more time.

You need to target with your mouse, & click to shoot. This game is good for ladies/girls too. However beware; the language used in this game is Chinese. So, whenever you see more than one option, select the first one. Normally, I review only the games that are in English language. But I found this difficult to miss as it’s a good alternative to legacy bubble shooter game.

Click here to play.