PC Game Review- Splinter cell 5:Conviction

Just finished playing Splinter cell 5:Conviction. Yes, I know it’s quite an old game but it took me some time to decide whether I should start with this or not. Frankly, my earlier experience with this franchise was not great. I felt they are quite boring & I am a fan of out & out action games. But this latest version of Splinter cell surprised me in a good way. I liked this game much more than its predecessors & other contemporary games of same genre. I liked almost all the aspects of the games starting from the graphics, game play, and sound effect to the story narration.

To those who are still unaware of this game, here is a small description-

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction belongs to games of action-adventure stealth genre (Notice the additional “stealth” which makes it different from other action adventure shooter games). It’s developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The game introduces a number of new features, most notably “Mark & Execute” & “Last known Position”. The game has both single player & Multiplayer modes. Splinter cell conviction has garnered a lot of positive feedback from game critiques with GameSpot giving it 8 out of 10 for Xbox version & 6.5 for PC version. For IGN the scores were 9.3 & 8.5 respectively.

Watch the trailer of Splinter cell 5: Conviction.


5 PC games that you must keep in your computer

1)   Modern Warfare Series- I know, I know! This is not a single game but a series. But it’s very difficult for me to select any one from the 3 parts of this series. Why this game should not be a candidate of deletion? Just because of it’s sheer popularity, combined with excellent game play, visuals, graphics, sound effects & realism. Just mention any particular feature of PC games & this game will excel in that. And above all, this game provides us a sneak peek on what our brave real soldiers are facing in their real life. Just playing this game gives me satisfaction.

2)  Crysis 2- Any other game which can surpass Modern warfare series in graphics & realism will of course be Crysis 2. Keep this game just because of its awesome graphics & realistic effects. Though the game play & story line is not that great, but sure is worth playing. I like moving around in the city landscape & shooting those freaking aliens. For first timers, this game will be as exciting as Modern warfare series. But for me, I am not sure whether I can play this game again & again.

3)  Silent Hunter 3- IF you want to live & play World War 2 then this game is definitely for you. While playing this game you will feel as if you are a part of the Great War & maybe you can change its course. This game gives you a peek into war from the perspective of an German U boat captain. You have to manage your submarine, your crew, follow the orders till your last breath- shooting enemy convoys, battle groups, etc. And who knows maybe you will witness few of the landmark battles in World War 2. The graphics is better than any other ship/submarine simulation games available. Soundtrack & background score is very good. The best part of this game is that it gives you the freedom to roam across the world & does not follow a straight forward fixed storyline,

4) Medal of Honor (Allied Assault/Airborne) – I will never forget the first time I played MOHAA(that’s short form of Medal of honor-Allied assault). I was in college & till today (that’s approx. 8 years) you can still find this game in my PC. This game gives you the best soundtrack ever being created for a game. Just listen to the soundtrack, you will feel part of the gameplot fighting for your country in World War 2. The game storyline is very good & you will love trying out the old guns & grenades. Airborne is also in similar lines, but has better graphics. Also, you will be part of elite airborne troops in this edition,

5) Battlefield 2- This game come close to Modern warfare series, while competing in modern first person shooter game genre while surpassing Mw in some areas. For some gamers, battlefield 2 is much better compared to MW series, but that’s just honest difference in perspective. The story line is set in modern world with access to all modern war gears like air support, etc. Game graphics and realism is top notch & you will not feel bored while trying this one more than once.

PC Game Review: YS flight simulator

YS flight simulator is one of the best flight simulators available for free over internet. Its primary attractions are its smaller size & of course it comes at no cost. But please don’t assume due to its very small size, as compared to other ones (like the one from Microsoft), its quality & realism will not be up to the mark. Its flight controls & game play are quite realistic. Not only it gives you the basic functionalities like taking off & landing, but it also allows you to be a formation leader, to dogfight with other aircrafts and perform ground attack & CAS roles. It also allows you to take off & land from aircraft carriers & fly night flying missions.  You can also play this game online with your friends.

There are over 50 aeroplanes, comprising of fighters, ground attack, bombers, helicopters, military transport & passenger aircrafts to choose form. The cockpit view will change with each aircraft but the HUD will almost remain same. I found it very difficult to land on bases (even with ILS), let alone the aircraft carrier. You have to adjust the flaps reduce your speed, etc. And don’t forget to down those landing gears! And if this is not enough you can change the settings for lower visibility & cross winds & test your skills. The only issue with this game is very basic graphics that almost looks like 2D paintings. But given its small size & other advantages, I guess this issue will not bother you much. So, go for it & test how many Gs you can pull before knocking up yourself.

Click here to download YS flight simulator.

Note: The link given here is for the latest version, released on 17th February 2011.

YS Flight Sim

PC game Review- Crysis 2

If you want to play a PC game so as to benchmark your graphics card, you must play Crysis 2. It’s a game that I played only for experiencing the awesome graphics. All the game scenes are in such details that you can completely relate with your game surroundings exactly in the same way as you do in real life. Crysis 2 belongs to first person shooter action/adventure genre.

A brief history check for Crysis 2- Crysis 2 is developed by Crytek & published by Electronic Arts. It’s the second instalment of the Crysis series & follow on game of the acclaimed 2007 game Crysis. Crytek is also famous for its Far Cry series. The heart of Crysis 2 is the game engine CryEngine 3. Crysis 2 is the first game to be built upon CryEngine 3. It’s such a strong & high performance engine that it is even used in military grade simulators.

Basic Plot in a nutshell:- The whole game plot revolves around Force Recon Marine named “Alcatraz” who gains ownership of the Nanosuit 2.0. The new Nanosuit 2.0 features enhance features and stronger & faster than its original version. Alcatraz has to fight CryNet systems that have been hunting him to retrieve the suit. The aliens have also undergone major changes & now they are high tech humanoid war machines.

Final Verdict- Play the game for its superb graphics & game environment. However, I didn’t like the game story much as it moves in a straight forward manner with no freedom to explore around a free world. I liked Far cry more only because to this aspect. Still it was one of the most anticipated & best-seller games of 2011. You should try this game at least once as it’s definitely not worth a miss!

Crysis 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Review

Many will agree that Modern Warfare has brought a revolution in PC/Console gaming world. We are no longer satisfied with World War 2 era tactics & weapons. The real world has changed a lot & so did the gaming world. Now, we need gunships, fighter aircrafts, UAVs in our game that will give us the necessary tactical help to engage in modern warfare. This is the motto of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game, which has moved on from its past fixation with World War 2 era. For those who still don’t know (I know, it’s hard to believe!) about Call of Duty 4:MW, its a first person shooter game, developed by Infinity Ward & released in 2007. It’s available in PC(for both Windows & MacOS), Playstation, Xbox 360 & Wii. The game story is very interesting & its seen from perspectives of US Reconnaissance Marine & a British SAS operative. The game is set in multiple locations across the World, like in Azerbaijan, Middle East, Ukraine & Russia. Modern Warfare is available in both Single Player & Multiplayer versions. The player will have access to modern weaponries & other assets like airstrikes & helicopter support. The game audio was mostly written by British composer Stephen Barton & Harry Gregson-Williams. Now, the most important part of the game-the game engine. MW runs on IW 3.0 engine. It has superb features that actually make the game graphics revolutionary, like true world dynamic lighting, HDR lighting effects, field depth, etc. The game also boasts of dynamic physics engine & ragdoll physics.