Online Game Review: Droids vs Magic

Droids vs Magic is a very simple games which will be of more interests to girls. Since its pretty simple with no blood or gore, I guess girls/ladies will like this game more & hence I have put them in that category. There is nothing much to talk about this game. Graphics is very simple, with the game looks like few basic paintings created over flash & some action script is put into that. The game play, as suggested by the name itself, is based on a fight between droids & an evil magician (but the magician look gentle in this game!). The player controls the droids & has to make sure that they stop & repel the attack of evil monsters. You will be having three to four different types of droids to choose from each having its own strengths. You have to continue killing the monsters for a certain amount of time & avoid being overrun by them.

Play this game only if you have no other alternative. However, the plus point of this game is that its size is very small (around 17kb), so you can load it even in very slow connections.

Click here to play “Droids vs Magic”.

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Online Game Review: Bomb Jack

Want to have a day with little white monsters; then this game is the right place for you. Bomb jack is a very interesting albeit basic game. The game has slight touches of old TV game “Mario”. Here you have to jump & save yourself from monsters. Similarly, you have to collect points & gold coins. In each level you have to fetch all the bombs while protecting yourself from the monsters. Once you are done with all the bombs, you can move to next level. With each level, the difficulty will increase with more monsters & more complex level structures. Remember, to collect the small rounds with “B” inscribed on them as they will help you in jumping higher. The game reminds me TV games that I used to play around 18-20 years back. But you should try this one as it’s quite gripping & very quick to load.

Click here to play Bomb Jack.

Bomb Jack

Online Game Review- Zuma Deluxe Game

It’s another of the bubble shooter game but with a twist. Here the bubbles will not move in a linear fashion, but will follow a spiral path. You need to prevent the bubbles from reaching Zuma (the centre). The bubble will regularly keep on coming & if they reaches Zuma, you will lose. So try to destroy the balls before they reach their target. How to destroy the balls?- Its same as any other bubble shooter game, try to shoot the balls in such a way that it forms a group of three or more balls. In case they form a group, all the balls in that group will disappear giving you some more time.

You need to target with your mouse, & click to shoot. This game is good for ladies/girls too. However beware; the language used in this game is Chinese. So, whenever you see more than one option, select the first one. Normally, I review only the games that are in English language. But I found this difficult to miss as it’s a good alternative to legacy bubble shooter game.

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Girl games: Sara Super Spa

This is an interesting game for girls/ladies. Here the player has to manage Sara’s spa, helping her with designing, maintaining the spa & managing the customers. Main objective of the game is to earn money by serving the customers as fast as possible & in a better way. Each customer has his/her own level of patience & you need to satisfy them to successfully earn money. In case the customer is not satisfied they will leave without paying. Again, for a successful day you have to reach the objective income.

The game is quite good & you can select from 3 modes- easy, regular & hard. My recommendation is to start from easy mode as this game can be quite difficult to understand. Within the game, there are small mini games which you need to successfully complete. After, a long time I have found out such an interesting game that’s especially designed for girls.

So, ladies in the house go & enjoy the game.

Click here to play the game.

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