Xbox One Console – Day One Edition

Microsoft announced its latest up coming console X Box one on May 21. For those who are new to XBox family- it is the successor to the Xbox 360 and the third console in the Xbox family of consoles. Its going to be launched on November 13. To be very frank, I am pretty excited about X Box one, just not because its the latest but also because of the fact that it promises many new functionalities & enhancements(some of them are truly remarkable).

Some of the new features-

1) 8 core x86 processor, 8GB of RAM with powerful CPU & GPU gives the best gaming experience ever.
2) A new version of Kinect provides unparalleled performance(included in every box)
3) Blu -ray player included.
4) HDMI pass-thru allows you to watch TV through your Xbox
5) Real Vision & Real motion technologies make your gaming experience more enriching.
6) A new generation of X Box live.

Check out the below link for complete details on new features & enhancements.

If you are planning to book your XBox One- Day One Edition, then you have come to the right place. Please visit the below link for booking your Day one edition. Not only you will get the best discounted rates here, but also get bonus offers-Available in limited quantities, it features a commemorative controller, a token code to unlock an exclusive Day One achievement, and premium packaging at no additional cost.

Book your Day one edition here- Xbox One Console – Day One Edition


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