Best Deals on SimCity(2013)

SimCity is back!!! That too with a bang. The new game is looking superb, much better that any previous avatars. Those who are now aware of SimCity, a little bit of background for them- SimCity belongs to simulation genre of video games. As the name suggests in this game your objective will be to build simulated cities as per your choice. Just to give a timeline & put things in perspective, the game was first published in 1989 as SimCity. In this game, players have to build their cities & keep the citizens happy. They have to take care of everything(think yourself as mayor, but with much more power) starting from budget, energy, education, industries to public welfare.

Now what so special about SimCity (2013)? To start it off, every decision you make have consequences be it good or bad! What I liked most about this version of SimCity is the multiplayer version. You can build friends from other regions which may lead to interesting scenarios ranging from collaboration to competition. Apart from that I liked the improve graphics & the new simulation engine called GlassBox. SimCity(2013) can be played in Windows XP,Vista & Windows 7. This game is must for all the fans of SimCity. Play the game & & don’t forget to post your reviews in the comment section.

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SimCity - Limited Edition [Download]


Tomb Raider:2013 Reboot

This one is for the fans of Tomb Raider. The game is getting a reboot & getting released on March 5th 2013. Tomb Raider is the fifth title developed by Crystal Dynamics in the Tomb Raider franchise & published by Square Enix. For people who are not aware of the Tomb Raider series, it was launched in 1996 & was a revolution in terms of graphics & game play. Tomb Raider belong to action adventure genre & revolve around the central character “Lara Croft”. The game is based on Lara Croft’s adventure in a forgotten island, in the Dragon’s Triangle, unravelling its dark history. Lara has to survive in the island fighting with animal inhabitants & mercenaries who seek to kill her & her companions.

Now for the game play, Tomb Raider will have a mix of role playing & action adventure elements. The game will include survival elements, free hand combat & exploration. The publishers have promised very high end graphics for this game. So we can expect a good resolutions along with finer details & textures. But this game can also be run on old machines with lower graphics settings. The game is supported in Windows XP, Vista & Win 7.

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Tomb Raider [Pre-Load now, Download available March 5th 2013]