Try this amazing free game- Assassin: FreeFall

Now after a long time I got this light-weight, funny & at the same time very addictive game. And the most interesting part is that its available for free. The game quality is fantastic & the game play is very interesting. I am playing it for quite some time & till now never got bored, not even a single time. I especially liked the graphics(was not expecting this good) & the available weapons. Moreover, even though this is a free game it keeps on getting updated with new content, thanks to the developers who listen to people suggestions in the game community. The game community is also very mature & professional to say the least. A little background on the game plot- The assasin has needle games & Ambush blades for killing his unlucky targets. Apart from this, you also get spectral cloak that will render you almost invisible and Catalyze Toxins, Panic Bombs,etc. For a browser based game, this is really a winner. To be honest I didn’t expect such a refined & polished game coming for free of cost.

Click the below link for playing this game for free-

Assassin: FreeFall Tournament [Game Connect]


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