Online Game Review-Gutter Ball

You want to practice a little bowling while working from the confines of your office-then gutter ball is the right game for you. Don’t go after the name, I know it’s a little awkward but the game it’s quite nice (if not brilliant!). Gutter ball is quite catchy & interesting for a first few games, after that it becomes quite repetitive. The game is simple & flash based. You have both the option to play alone or to have a second player. There are 4 kinds of bowls to choose form with each having different speed & spin characteristics. The game window is quite small & if you want to play it full screen there is an option to download the game. The commenting & crowd effects are repetitive & irritate quite a lot.

It’s recommended only if you are a diehard fan of bowling or there is nothing else better to do!

Click here to play Gutterball.