Video Game Review- Battlefield 3

Recently, I played battlefield 3 in one of my friend’s room. Believe me or not we played the game in a 52 inches screen plasma television with digital Dolby surround sound and the experience was simply awesome! After playing modern warfare series games, I though Battlefield will have face it somewhat challenging to cross the bar set by MW3. But this game surely matches MW3 if not raise above it. All the aspects of the game be it graphics, sound effect or game play is amazing. For me, if you ask, honestly I believe I will give this game more marks as compare to Modern Warfare 3. The reason behind this is the game play- and the variety that it brings to the table. No need to discuss about the graphics, as all of us know it’s very good. The sound effect is very nice (you will be able to notice the difference if you play this in a home theater). But what I like the best about this game is the game play as it gives us the opportunity to drive tanks, fly fighter aircrafts & assault helicopters though at somewhat amateur level.

Check out this launch trailer if you have still not planned to buy it-


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