Online Game Review- Crush the Castle

Now this one is a funny & at the same time very interesting game. The game play is simple & effective. You are a loyal commander to the terror king. You have to use your trebuchet to deadly effect to destroy the castles in the nearby regions & kill their owners. The first level is very simple & quite funny. In the first level you will get only limited varieties of projectiles (stones) & the variety will keep on increasing with each level. The lesser the number of projectiles you take to destroy the castles & kill their owners better is your chances of winning the gold medal. You have to destroy the castles with a limited number of projectiles to earn the gold, silver or bronze medal. With each level you will find yourself in a different region with stronger castles & more number of occupants to kill. The sound effect of the game also changes to suit the game environment & I really liked it. This game is very good to test your trigonometry skills & also to pass some quality time.

Check out the game here.


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