Google “Play”-New feature

Just came back from a long official tour! Please don’t ask where I went. The place was like an alien place (technologically speaking) & there was no decent internet connection to spend some time for my favorite hobby-playing online game:)

Anyway its better to be late than never. Just checked out the new feature that Google has added to its home page. I am not sure if its new for you, but for me yes- I am seeing it for first time. To those who are still confused about what I am talking, please check the Google homepage. And at the header list, you can now see a new option-“Play”. There are quite a number of games to select from & the best part, these games are developed for android based mobile devices. Google describes this new feature as one stop destination for over 450 thousand applications, millions of songs, movies & games. You can read the reviews & the ratings before buying any new application. Even there are lots of free games & applications to choose from. But, please first register your android mobile with your Gmail account.

Please let me know your experience with this new feature & what you liked most about it (if any).

From now on, will try to keep posting frequently. So, stay tuned for new amazing online game reviews.


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