Online Game Review- Crush the Castle

Now this one is a funny & at the same time very interesting game. The game play is simple & effective. You are a loyal commander to the terror king. You have to use your trebuchet to deadly effect to destroy the castles in the nearby regions & kill their owners. The first level is very simple & quite funny. In the first level you will get only limited varieties of projectiles (stones) & the variety will keep on increasing with each level. The lesser the number of projectiles you take to destroy the castles & kill their owners better is your chances of winning the gold medal. You have to destroy the castles with a limited number of projectiles to earn the gold, silver or bronze medal. With each level you will find yourself in a different region with stronger castles & more number of occupants to kill. The sound effect of the game also changes to suit the game environment & I really liked it. This game is very good to test your trigonometry skills & also to pass some quality time.

Check out the game here.


Video Game Review- Battlefield 3

Recently, I played battlefield 3 in one of my friend’s room. Believe me or not we played the game in a 52 inches screen plasma television with digital Dolby surround sound and the experience was simply awesome! After playing modern warfare series games, I though Battlefield will have face it somewhat challenging to cross the bar set by MW3. But this game surely matches MW3 if not raise above it. All the aspects of the game be it graphics, sound effect or game play is amazing. For me, if you ask, honestly I believe I will give this game more marks as compare to Modern Warfare 3. The reason behind this is the game play- and the variety that it brings to the table. No need to discuss about the graphics, as all of us know it’s very good. The sound effect is very nice (you will be able to notice the difference if you play this in a home theater). But what I like the best about this game is the game play as it gives us the opportunity to drive tanks, fly fighter aircrafts & assault helicopters though at somewhat amateur level.

Check out this launch trailer if you have still not planned to buy it-

Google “Play”-New feature

Just came back from a long official tour! Please don’t ask where I went. The place was like an alien place (technologically speaking) & there was no decent internet connection to spend some time for my favorite hobby-playing online game:)

Anyway its better to be late than never. Just checked out the new feature that Google has added to its home page. I am not sure if its new for you, but for me yes- I am seeing it for first time. To those who are still confused about what I am talking, please check the Google homepage. And at the header list, you can now see a new option-“Play”. There are quite a number of games to select from & the best part, these games are developed for android based mobile devices. Google describes this new feature as one stop destination for over 450 thousand applications, millions of songs, movies & games. You can read the reviews & the ratings before buying any new application. Even there are lots of free games & applications to choose from. But, please first register your android mobile with your Gmail account.

Please let me know your experience with this new feature & what you liked most about it (if any).

From now on, will try to keep posting frequently. So, stay tuned for new amazing online game reviews.