Online Game Review: Metal Mayhem

Metal Mayhem World Tour is a brilliantly crafted 3D game which belongs to action-racing genre.This game is quite different from other games of same genre & fun to play. The graphics & sound effects are very good. The game script & play is very catchy & crafted to grab your attention from the word go. But because of its graphics quality this game file size is quite large & in slow internet connections it will take a lot of time to download. But let it be clear, this game is worth downloading & very addictive.

A brief summary of the game story/instructions :-

Your main objective is to destroy all the rival cars using your weapons before the given time limit & off course protecting yourself. You can select from different cars, however at the beginning only 2 cars will be there to select from. As you keep on winning the matches & earn money, you will be able to unlock the other cars. Your primary weapon will be machine gun & you can buy or upgrade your secondary heavy weapons(again you will need money for that). You can also choose the arena from various different locations across the world. Game controls are quite difficult, especially the combos. However, with practice you can manage it.

Check out the game here.

Metal Mayhem


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