Online Game Review: Troy

Troy is an online flash based game which belongs to strategy genre. The game is quite similar to other “tower defence” games. Troy is a two dimensional game with average graphics (as expected of flash based games). The game download took quite some time as compared to game size. However I am not sure whether it’s due to the game size or because of too much load in Miniclip server. The game play goes like this- You have to defend your castle from approaching waves of enemy soldiers. You can kill the enemy soldiers in two ways. The first way is to kill them using your crossbow from the top of the castle. If you have enough gold with you, you can buy additional crossbows. This will increase the rate at which you can kill the incoming soldiers-very important in advanced levels. Apart from that you can also purchase your own soldiers (swordsmen, archers, etc). Once you have earned enough gold, you can go for additional options- like advanced fortification of your castle, better protection for your troops, etc. Currently, I am in 3rd level only while playing for last one hours. let me know how many levels you have crossed!

Click here to play Troy.


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