Online Game review: Offroad 4X4

I am looking for this game for around past two weeks & guess where I found it? One of the most famous sites for online games-Miniclip. Sometimes, we forget to search in the most obvious places & this was a classic example of that. One of my close friend suggested me this game, & I got addicted to it from the first second itself. This game is really awesome, at least for me. The graphics & sound effects are in par with the best out there. Game play is very straight forward & controls quite easy to remember (actually only the four directional keys, that’s all!).

You have to choose one out of three available off roaders. After that you have to drive it through rough mountainous terrain. In the track you will find ditches, pools & also rock traps. Moreover, if you crash your off roader too many times the game will restart automatically. But you will get lot of health points if you manage to keep in track. You have to complete the track within the given stipulated time. With each level, the difficulties will increase-like you have to face heavy downpour & more rock traps, etc.

That’s all from my side. You can check out the game here.


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