Online Game Review:4 Wheel Fury

4 Wheel Fury is an adventurous & very interesting quad bike racing game. I really liked playing this game. There is no need to think, just drive your bike through rough terrain & try to collect as many points as possible before your time runs out. But wait, is it that easy? Offcourse not! You have to take care about your quad bike & avoid damages. Also, there are chances that you run out of gasoline. But you can collect gasoline & damage points, throughout the track that will help you in recovering fuel & also will prevent your bike from mechanical failure.  In case you finish the race before your times (or gasoline)run out, you will get additional time & have to complete the next race.

4 Wheel Fury is a 3d game with decent graphics & game sound. Game play is quite easy, with only the 4 arrow keys for game control. Once you complete the game, you can submit your score 7 compare it with your friends. As always, you need shockwave player to run this game in your browser. Also, game download is quite fast.

Click here to play 4 Wheel Fury.


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