Online Game Review: Heatwave Racing

As the name suggest, Heatwave Racing is a car racing game. Though the graphics are not exceptional but still this is a decent game with a NFS 2 like feel. You can choose your car from a given set of eight cars & start with the game. By default you will get third person view of the game. Apart from the car’s view you can also monitor speedometer, steering, RPM meter, nitro & the car health condition. The game offers different views while playing like- third person (default), first person or top view (2d view). You can change the views while in game by pressing the “enter” button.

Though the controls are quite simple but it’s quite difficult to maintain the car in the track & overtake other cars. You can use the nitro but it’s not that effective. And another thing, if you drive too carelessly then there are chances that your car get wrecked. Then the game will stop automatically & you have to restart the race. The car health monitor will let you know about the current condition & the parts that are more seriously damaged. As the car’s condition worsens your speed will reduce & it will become increasingly difficult to overtake the opponents.

Click here to play Heatwave Racing.


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