Online Game Review: Mission at Dawn

If you have seen the “Guardian” movie & want to do something like that (at least in games) then you will like this game. Mission at Dawn is all about rescuing the survivors from storm & high seas. First let us talk a little about the technical specifications of the game. The game is in 3D and the game size is approximately 1.9 Mb. Now, this game will take some time to load in slow connections (especially dial up connections). You also need to have shockwave player to run this game in your browser. “Mission at Dawn” also has an option to play the game in bigger screen mode.

The games graphics & sound effect is quite good. You need to pilot a helicopter, though in third person. You will get SOS messages & have to reach the origin of signal using the radar. Once you reach there, you have to lower your carriage & try to pick up the survivors. Now, this will be difficult because of lower visibility & high speed winds. At a time you can pick up only 4 survivors and then you have to get back at base station. Once you unload them you can go for next ferry. Though the game play is ok, it become repetitive after few missions. But, anyway its better than most of other games out there of same genre.

Click here to play “Mission at Dawn”.





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