Online Game Review: Sky Fighter

Sky fighter is a fighter aircraft based action game. The graphics & plane handling are very rudimentary (as expected from online games of this genre). The game play is very simple. First you need to take off from the base. Soon you will face enemy interceptors. You can neutralize them using guns & rockets. For ground targets, you can use the bombs. But remember bombs & rockets are not unlimited. However, once finished you can refill them easily, by just touching the airdropped containers containing bombs & rockets (they will appear in the form of air dropped containers dangling through parachutes).

You will surely enjoy this game if you are looking for just out & out shooting fun. But this game could be made much more intuitive with better game-play. This game is surely not a match for Dog Fight 2 which is much better & more fun to play. However, give this a shot & let me know if you have enjoyed it or not!

Click here to play Sky Fighter.


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