Online Game Review:Karate King

Karate king is a martial art based action game. The game is in 3d & quite nicely built. You have to beat Ninja masters, sword masters & the giant fighters to move to next level. Needless to say, that with each increase in level the number & power of enemies will also increase. The controls are quite easy, however sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain the right directions. You have options for fast attacks that are less powerful & slow attacks which will kill th enemies faster. But i especially like the rage attack & with this you can earn more points.

The game reminds me of tekken series, however this is 3D & purely karate based. For playing this game you need to install shockwave flash player versin 1.6. The game load does not take much time in case shockwave flash player is already installed. The game window is small & I found it rather problematic. And remember if you want to stop game music quickly just click anywhere in the browser window, except the game window. Sound will also stop automatically if you open any new window over your browser.

Click here to play Karate King.


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