Online Game Review-Dog Fight 2

After long time, I played such a beautifully crafted online game. Dog Fight 2 has all the important aspects that you expect out of an online game, be it the graphics, background sound or game play. No wonder it’s one of the most famous of all online games. In this second edition, you will be on side of Germans in the Great War. You have to fly various missions from interception of enemy aircrafts to bombing raids. Though the game is 2 dimensional but its graphics is as exciting, if not more, as other 3d online games.

You have to kill the incoming enemy fighters and if required you have to simultaneously carry out bombing raid too. Also, avoid crashing your plane in ground. You will get 5 lives to complete the game & if you fail the game will start again from beginning (first round). For every special tactics you employ, you will get additional bonus points.  My personal favourites are loops & inverted passes. Once I tried to perform Pugyachev manoeuvre too  J . Though in the first few levels the game play is quite easy, it will get more & more difficult with each increasing level.

Click here to play Dog Fight-2.

Dog Fight-2


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