Online Game Review: Street Sesh

If you are a fan of Street skate sesh, then this game is definitely for you. The game is available in two series namely Street Sesh & Street Sesh 2. This series has got lot of rave reviews & easily qualifies among one of the online games available over internet. The game is in 3d & is fun to play. It is quite realistic and you can relate with the surroundings. You can do a lot of stunts with your skate board. The more you do stunt the more points you can collect. You can also collect bonus points and new pair of shoes with special shoe boxes. But always watch for the traffic & those stairways.

My personal favourite is the first part. I like the urban street setting with little traffic. It helps me in achieving the speed & doing most of the tricks easily. In Street Sesh 2, the traffic is denser and you have to apply the brakes a lot. Overall, this series is very nice, though simple. I suggest this game to all online game lovers. Please make sure to play this game at least once.

Click here to play Street Sesh.

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Online Game Review: Troy

Troy is an online flash based game which belongs to strategy genre. The game is quite similar to other “tower defence” games. Troy is a two dimensional game with average graphics (as expected of flash based games). The game download took quite some time as compared to game size. However I am not sure whether it’s due to the game size or because of too much load in Miniclip server. The game play goes like this- You have to defend your castle from approaching waves of enemy soldiers. You can kill the enemy soldiers in two ways. The first way is to kill them using your crossbow from the top of the castle. If you have enough gold with you, you can buy additional crossbows. This will increase the rate at which you can kill the incoming soldiers-very important in advanced levels. Apart from that you can also purchase your own soldiers (swordsmen, archers, etc). Once you have earned enough gold, you can go for additional options- like advanced fortification of your castle, better protection for your troops, etc. Currently, I am in 3rd level only while playing for last one hours. let me know how many levels you have crossed!

Click here to play Troy.

Online Game review: Offroad 4X4

I am looking for this game for around past two weeks & guess where I found it? One of the most famous sites for online games-Miniclip. Sometimes, we forget to search in the most obvious places & this was a classic example of that. One of my close friend suggested me this game, & I got addicted to it from the first second itself. This game is really awesome, at least for me. The graphics & sound effects are in par with the best out there. Game play is very straight forward & controls quite easy to remember (actually only the four directional keys, that’s all!).

You have to choose one out of three available off roaders. After that you have to drive it through rough mountainous terrain. In the track you will find ditches, pools & also rock traps. Moreover, if you crash your off roader too many times the game will restart automatically. But you will get lot of health points if you manage to keep in track. You have to complete the track within the given stipulated time. With each level, the difficulties will increase-like you have to face heavy downpour & more rock traps, etc.

That’s all from my side. You can check out the game here.

Online Game Review:4 Wheel Fury

4 Wheel Fury is an adventurous & very interesting quad bike racing game. I really liked playing this game. There is no need to think, just drive your bike through rough terrain & try to collect as many points as possible before your time runs out. But wait, is it that easy? Offcourse not! You have to take care about your quad bike & avoid damages. Also, there are chances that you run out of gasoline. But you can collect gasoline & damage points, throughout the track that will help you in recovering fuel & also will prevent your bike from mechanical failure.  In case you finish the race before your times (or gasoline)run out, you will get additional time & have to complete the next race.

4 Wheel Fury is a 3d game with decent graphics & game sound. Game play is quite easy, with only the 4 arrow keys for game control. Once you complete the game, you can submit your score 7 compare it with your friends. As always, you need shockwave player to run this game in your browser. Also, game download is quite fast.

Click here to play 4 Wheel Fury.

Online Game Review: Heatwave Racing

As the name suggest, Heatwave Racing is a car racing game. Though the graphics are not exceptional but still this is a decent game with a NFS 2 like feel. You can choose your car from a given set of eight cars & start with the game. By default you will get third person view of the game. Apart from the car’s view you can also monitor speedometer, steering, RPM meter, nitro & the car health condition. The game offers different views while playing like- third person (default), first person or top view (2d view). You can change the views while in game by pressing the “enter” button.

Though the controls are quite simple but it’s quite difficult to maintain the car in the track & overtake other cars. You can use the nitro but it’s not that effective. And another thing, if you drive too carelessly then there are chances that your car get wrecked. Then the game will stop automatically & you have to restart the race. The car health monitor will let you know about the current condition & the parts that are more seriously damaged. As the car’s condition worsens your speed will reduce & it will become increasingly difficult to overtake the opponents.

Click here to play Heatwave Racing.

Online Game Review: Mission at Dawn

If you have seen the “Guardian” movie & want to do something like that (at least in games) then you will like this game. Mission at Dawn is all about rescuing the survivors from storm & high seas. First let us talk a little about the technical specifications of the game. The game is in 3D and the game size is approximately 1.9 Mb. Now, this game will take some time to load in slow connections (especially dial up connections). You also need to have shockwave player to run this game in your browser. “Mission at Dawn” also has an option to play the game in bigger screen mode.

The games graphics & sound effect is quite good. You need to pilot a helicopter, though in third person. You will get SOS messages & have to reach the origin of signal using the radar. Once you reach there, you have to lower your carriage & try to pick up the survivors. Now, this will be difficult because of lower visibility & high speed winds. At a time you can pick up only 4 survivors and then you have to get back at base station. Once you unload them you can go for next ferry. Though the game play is ok, it become repetitive after few missions. But, anyway its better than most of other games out there of same genre.

Click here to play “Mission at Dawn”.




Online Game Review: Red Cross

Here is a simple(but tough) bike stunt/racing game for all stunt riders :). In Red Cross you will get a bike & a rough track with lots of up & downs. The game play is all about balancing the bike & crossing the track as soon as possible.  The faster you cross the red flag (end of track), more points you will get as reward. Sound simple right! But it’s quite difficult to play. I found it very hard to complete even the first round. Let alone finishing it, it took me 10 rounds to complete the first rough patch. The controls consist of only up & side arrows. Though there is nothing special about this game as compared to other games of same genre, but I found it quite tougher from the rest, right from the first round. So, in case you are looking for an easy bike stunt game, this is definitely for you. And trust me, after a few rounds of disappointment you will feel like breaking your monitor. For other bike related games, check out the BIKE RACING category.

Click here to play Red Cross.