Online Game Review: Braap-Braap

Braap-Braap is an exciting online 3D bike racing game. The game is very well built, with very good graphics & sound effects. This one is for all bike stunt lovers.  You have the option to select male or female riders. And you can also customize your dressing suit, its colour, the bike colour, etc. You have to complete the race before the clock ends & also have to beat other racers to win this game. Believe me; it’s very difficult to handle the bike in those dirt tracks. It took me almost 2 hours to finish the first round, that too in 2nd placeL.

You can also do bike stunts & tricks, that will earn you more points. Moreover, you can earn bonuses that will appear on the tracks. This game not only has good graphics on par with PC games, but also allows you to play online with your friends. But for that you need an online account.  The game file size is somewhat large, hence will be slow to load in slow internet connections. Moreover, the game will prompt you to run/install shockwave player. It’s absolutely safe, I tried it in my computer & no viruses or malware was detected by my antivirus software (Norton). Go ahead & enjoy the adrenaline rush.

Click here to play Braap-Braap.



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