Online Game Review:Russian Affairs

Russian affairs is a third person shooter/action-adventure game. The game is quite interesting with a nice storyline to follow (like IGI). The game design is quite unique for an online game. The graphics are like comic strips but looks very decent. The background adds to game story line & creates a domestic underground mafia type atmosphere. The game controls are quite easy, at least in the starting part of the game. As the game advances, it becomes little difficult to move & shoot at the same time. The game file is around 5 MB, so it may take some time in slow/dial-up connections.

The game plot goes like this- Some underground mafia gang is making high powered weapons. The job of you & your team is to look out for those weapons & destroy them before the gang members can use them to create mayhem. But soon you realise that your complete team is wiped out & you are the only member alive to carry on the operation. The game is good in all the aspects, but just lacks in one place- that is, it’s quite repetitive. After playing for around an hour I got quite bored.

But, please give it a try. I am sure lots of people will like this game.

Click here to play Russian Affairs.

Russian affairs


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