Online Game Review: Elite Force Clone Wars

Elite force clone wars is a strategy cum action game. Here your target is to multiply your force & capture your enemy’s barrack before they can outnumber you. The game is quite good to play for first few levels & will interest you if you like strategic games. After first few levels it becomes repetitive, tedious & boring. Another point is, since it’s a 2d game maybe all of the online player will not like that much. Anyway the game play is decently good, with not so much impressive graphics or sound. What you have to do is, capture as many barracks as possible before your enemies outnumber you. The barracks will help you in multiplying your clones & hence capturing them is of utmost importance. If you capture more barracks than your enemy then your soldiers will multiply at a greater rate & you can defeat your enemy easily. But the trick lies in how to capture the barracks & how to retain them against the repeated attacks by adversary. The blue barracks refer to friendly ones whereas the red ones belong to enemy. The grey ones are neutral ones, so try them to capture as soon as possible as they will not oppose you.

I will not 100% recommend you this game, but you can give it a try!

Click here to play this game.


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