Online Game Review: Contra

Here comes the grand-father of all action games- Contra. This was the first action adventure game that I ever played! That too, it was a TV game at that time. Anyway, the story I am talking about is at least 20 years old. But there are lots of memories associated with this game. Those days we can’t even think about personal computers (forget laptops!) & internet connection. Only other games that I was aware of at that time were other TV games like Mario, Galaxy & Soccer. But Contra was my favourite at that time too.

Now let’s discuss something about the online game Contra 2000. It will remind you of the original TV game series “Contra”.  In fact this game is a tribute to the original game on its 20th anniversary. The controls are easy. There are 4 difficulty levels in this game, the fourth one being insane. You can also adjust the graphics quality depending upon your computer configuration. I am pretty sure that all the computers will support the highest quality. There are three levels to select from- the jungle, snowfield & the alien lair. The game is so wonderfully copied from its original that I am sure it will bring back your childhood memories.

Click here to play Contra.



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