Online Game Review: Urban Crusher

Ok, for long time I missed these ones! Now back to where I started from. Monster truck racing is one of favourite genre of online games. After searching in internet for quite some time, I found this one- Urban Crusher. Though you can’t say it’s amazing but still it’s quite cool. From the perspective of game download speed & the overall game play it’s much better than 90% of the similar games available outside. First, let me explain the downside of this game- Its quite similar to the other monster car games that I have shared here in this blog, both look wise & from the perspective that it is a 2 dimensional game.

But the thing I like about this game is that you can crush all the vehicles that come in your path. Second thing, the soundtrack is quite impressive & really suits the theme of the game. Controls are somewhat tough, though they use only the 4 arrow keys. Only, good monster truck drivers can try this one 😉 . For rest, go and practice in the easy ones first!

Click here to play Urban Crusher.


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