Online Game Review: Droids vs Magic

Droids vs Magic is a very simple games which will be of more interests to girls. Since its pretty simple with no blood or gore, I guess girls/ladies will like this game more & hence I have put them in that category. There is nothing much to talk about this game. Graphics is very simple, with the game looks like few basic paintings created over flash & some action script is put into that. The game play, as suggested by the name itself, is based on a fight between droids & an evil magician (but the magician look gentle in this game!). The player controls the droids & has to make sure that they stop & repel the attack of evil monsters. You will be having three to four different types of droids to choose from each having its own strengths. You have to continue killing the monsters for a certain amount of time & avoid being overrun by them.

Play this game only if you have no other alternative. However, the plus point of this game is that its size is very small (around 17kb), so you can load it even in very slow connections.

Click here to play “Droids vs Magic”.

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