Online Game Review: Apple Shooter

This is a really funny shooting game. After so many days I had a hearty laugh while playing this game. The game is very simple yet very funny & interesting. As the name suggest, you need to shoot an apple. And the funny part is that the apple will be kept on another person’s head. Now, you made a slight mistake & that person will lose his life (or eye at least!).

I tried to cross this game as much as possible but was able to reach only till 40 meters. After that it becomes quite difficult. And yes, I have tried various ways in which we can kill the person with apple in his heads! You can sever his head or take out that intestine from his stomach. Ok, now its getting quite gory, so I will leave it here. Now it’s your turn to play. Think twice before you take a shot. Someone’s life is in your hands.

Click here to play Apple- Shooter.


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