PC Game Review: YS flight simulator

YS flight simulator is one of the best flight simulators available for free over internet. Its primary attractions are its smaller size & of course it comes at no cost. But please don’t assume due to its very small size, as compared to other ones (like the one from Microsoft), its quality & realism will not be up to the mark. Its flight controls & game play are quite realistic. Not only it gives you the basic functionalities like taking off & landing, but it also allows you to be a formation leader, to dogfight with other aircrafts and perform ground attack & CAS roles. It also allows you to take off & land from aircraft carriers & fly night flying missions.  You can also play this game online with your friends.

There are over 50 aeroplanes, comprising of fighters, ground attack, bombers, helicopters, military transport & passenger aircrafts to choose form. The cockpit view will change with each aircraft but the HUD will almost remain same. I found it very difficult to land on bases (even with ILS), let alone the aircraft carrier. You have to adjust the flaps reduce your speed, etc. And don’t forget to down those landing gears! And if this is not enough you can change the settings for lower visibility & cross winds & test your skills. The only issue with this game is very basic graphics that almost looks like 2D paintings. But given its small size & other advantages, I guess this issue will not bother you much. So, go for it & test how many Gs you can pull before knocking up yourself.

Click here to download YS flight simulator.

Note: The link given here is for the latest version, released on 17th February 2011.

YS Flight Sim


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