Online Game Review: Penguins Attack 2

When was the last time you have heard about penguins attacking human beings that too knowingly? Ok, what about penguins flying? Of course, I know penguins can’t fly but what if they fly on fighter planes. If not in real life, at least you have to face similar situation in “Penguins Attack 2”. The game belongs to strategy genre. The game quite captures your attention & once you start playing it you will not able to stop yourself. The penguins attacking in flocks & you trying to kill them, that is the game plot!

Now in each level you will be given a map, with an entry point for penguins & one exit point. If the penguins reach the exit point you will lose one life for each penguin that crosses it. So, you have to find ways to stop the penguins in the way between entry & exit point. For this, you will be given a choice of weapons that you can buy depending upon your available budget. The number of penguins that attack you will keep on increasing with each level & so do their sophistication. Howeve, in the positive side you can also upgrade your existing weapons & unlock new ones. I am still stuck at level 2 😦 . Hoping to cross it soon. Why don’t you give it a try!

Click here to play “Penguins Attack 2”.


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