Online Game Review- Zuma Deluxe Game

It’s another of the bubble shooter game but with a twist. Here the bubbles will not move in a linear fashion, but will follow a spiral path. You need to prevent the bubbles from reaching Zuma (the centre). The bubble will regularly keep on coming & if they reaches Zuma, you will lose. So try to destroy the balls before they reach their target. How to destroy the balls?- Its same as any other bubble shooter game, try to shoot the balls in such a way that it forms a group of three or more balls. In case they form a group, all the balls in that group will disappear giving you some more time.

You need to target with your mouse, & click to shoot. This game is good for ladies/girls too. However beware; the language used in this game is Chinese. So, whenever you see more than one option, select the first one. Normally, I review only the games that are in English language. But I found this difficult to miss as it’s a good alternative to legacy bubble shooter game.

Click here to play.



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