PC game Review- Crysis 2

If you want to play a PC game so as to benchmark your graphics card, you must play Crysis 2. It’s a game that I played only for experiencing the awesome graphics. All the game scenes are in such details that you can completely relate with your game surroundings exactly in the same way as you do in real life. Crysis 2 belongs to first person shooter action/adventure genre.

A brief history check for Crysis 2- Crysis 2 is developed by Crytek & published by Electronic Arts. It’s the second instalment of the Crysis series & follow on game of the acclaimed 2007 game Crysis. Crytek is also famous for its Far Cry series. The heart of Crysis 2 is the game engine CryEngine 3. Crysis 2 is the first game to be built upon CryEngine 3. It’s such a strong & high performance engine that it is even used in military grade simulators.

Basic Plot in a nutshell:- The whole game plot revolves around Force Recon Marine named “Alcatraz” who gains ownership of the Nanosuit 2.0. The new Nanosuit 2.0 features enhance features and stronger & faster than its original version. Alcatraz has to fight CryNet systems that have been hunting him to retrieve the suit. The aliens have also undergone major changes & now they are high tech humanoid war machines.

Final Verdict- Play the game for its superb graphics & game environment. However, I didn’t like the game story much as it moves in a straight forward manner with no freedom to explore around a free world. I liked Far cry more only because to this aspect. Still it was one of the most anticipated & best-seller games of 2011. You should try this game at least once as it’s definitely not worth a miss!

Crysis 2


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