Online Game Review: Navy Battles

Navy Battles is a very interesting online game. It belongs to genre of strategic games, though somewhat different from others in the same group. In this game you need both strategy & luck to survive. Missing any of those will lead to certain death for the complete fleet. In the first level you will be provided with 7 vessels- five surface combatants, including one aircraft carrier & two submarines. You can place them in any formation as you like or you can let computer decide how to do it (automatically).

Once you have created the battle group formation, you can start playing the game. On the left half of the screen there will be your fleet & on the right hand side there will a grid like maze(enemy fleet will be invisible). Now you will get a chance to select one grid at a time(double click on the grid square). If you miss to find any enemy ship, that spot will become blue (miss point). If you have hit an enemy ship, that part of grid will become a red spot denoting “hit point”.  Next, your enemy will get a chance.  The one who finishes blasting off the opponent’s battlegroup first, wins the game.

The main downside of this game is that, it doesn’t allow multiplayer & you can just play against computer only.

Click here to play Navy battles.

Navy Battles


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