Play Online Game: ET Smash

You will get a chance to be an evil alien in ET Smash, who wants to destroy all the civilization & human beings present in earth. Your primary objective- Just to destroy as much city & kill as many people as possible. In your arsenal, there is a destructor robot which will help you in completing your mission. You should try to move as much as possible before your time runs out. For crossing each level you have to travel a minimum assigned distance in the given time. The level of difficulty will keep on increasing with each level, with more distance you have to cover in lesser times.

But wait, what you are thinking? Humans will not allow you to roam through the city just destroying their lives. They will definitely fight back. So, just beware of those tanks, armoured vehicles & foot soldiers. Don’t give them a chance to shoot att you. Just squash them with your destructor bot & be careful of the fighter aircrafts launching missiles.
The game is very basic flash based game & controls are tough to manage with laptop touchpad. Go for this game only if you have a mouse, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy it!

This is your chance to be evil anti-hero. Give your evil side a chance!

Click here to play ET Smash.

ET Smash


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