Online Game Review: Sea Hawk

Sea Hawk game belongs to action adventure genre, where you have to rescue both your fellows who are in water and your ship from being attacked. The game is based on actual role of helicopters based on navy ships, where they have to perform all the roles like transportation, reconnaissance & surveillance, anti-submarine & surface warfare, etc. In this game you have to steer your Sea Hawk helicopter from your Mother ANZAC frigate to save your fellow people downed in water. But in the meantime submarines & patrol boats will try to attack your frigate, so you need to save it too. Use your torpedoes to kill both the submarines & patrol boats. If this is not enough, your sea hawk will be attacked by attack helicopters too & only your Anzac frigate can save you from them. That’s all about the game plot.

Now a little about the game, its a 2 dimensional flash based game with simple graphics & sound effects. Controls are easy to manage. Game file size is about 520 KB so game download will be very fast. Sea hawk is ok to play one or two times before you really get bored & move on to new ones.

Click here to play Sea Hawk.

Sea Hawk



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