Give this a miss- Tae Kwon Do

Check out this action game. It’s one of the silliest games that I found on internet J Even if you don’t understand anything about Tae Kwon Do, you will surely win this game. It’s just so plain simple & very-very easy.  Ok for those who don’t know tae kwon do is a form of martial art that was originally practiced in Korea.  Its one of the most famous form of martial art- a relatively large group of fighting skills that includes karate, judo, etc.

Graphics of this is like water paintings.   For controls, you have A ,S, D for kicks & punches. UP & down arrow for moving left & right. You will get 60 seconds to fight with your enemy. One who amasses more point wins the round. This game, you can give a miss until you have no better things to do in your life. Then why I shared this game in my blog?? For two reasons, if you have a bad day with your boss you can vent your anger here. Secondly, it’s sometimes good to play bad games, just for plain fun. 😉

Click here if you still want to play Tae Kwon Do.


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