Online net games- A small Change

Today it suddenly occurred to me that I am talking a lot about online games in this blog. And to be honest, I am feeling rather bored with the same kind of games again & again. So, I thought why shouldn’t I share something about the “actual” PC/Console high performance games, that are certainly not available online now or in foreseeable future. While thinking of high performance games, a few names come quickly from top of my head like Modern Warfare Series, Crysis, medal of honour series, etc. But, before moving further I want to clear the doubt- yes, this blog is for online games & I will continue reviewing them. But isn’t sometime changes are good?

If you see some of my last posts, I have already written about Silent hunter & Modern Warfare 3. I was in a rush to share them, just due to my sheer excitement. So, please do bear with me for some of my coming posts that I will dedicate on some of my favourite PC games. Also, please remember to share with me your experiences with all these games. Do leave a comment on the posts and leave your URL so that I can share them in my upcoming posts.

Hope, you all will like it!


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