Online Game Review: Cargo Master 2

Cargo Master 2 is the second edition of famous cargo master game. This is a nice little flash based game which tests your skills as cargo master. You have to muster the complete range of activities that are performed by Cargo master in real life. You need to start with unloading the cargo containers from ship to truck using a crane. Once that is done you have to drive the truck to warehouse. There you need to unload the containers using fork lift.

This game is quite interesting mostly because of its simplicity. Graphics & sound effects are simple & the controls are easy. The main challenge that I faced while playing this game was while unloading the containers from ship. The crane operation is difficult & for first time it’s quite complicated to understand that how it works. So, let me help you with this. Remember to check the position of crain hook before you click the mouse button. The crane hook keeps swinging & its direction will depend upon its instantaneous position. Drive the truck slowly so as to prevent the boxes from falling. Rest of the game is very easy, but it will surely entertain you.

Click here to play the game.





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