Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Review

Many will agree that Modern Warfare has brought a revolution in PC/Console gaming world. We are no longer satisfied with World War 2 era tactics & weapons. The real world has changed a lot & so did the gaming world. Now, we need gunships, fighter aircrafts, UAVs in our game that will give us the necessary tactical help to engage in modern warfare. This is the motto of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game, which has moved on from its past fixation with World War 2 era. For those who still don’t know (I know, it’s hard to believe!) about Call of Duty 4:MW, its a first person shooter game, developed by Infinity Ward & released in 2007. It’s available in PC(for both Windows & MacOS), Playstation, Xbox 360 & Wii. The game story is very interesting & its seen from perspectives of US Reconnaissance Marine & a British SAS operative. The game is set in multiple locations across the World, like in Azerbaijan, Middle East, Ukraine & Russia. Modern Warfare is available in both Single Player & Multiplayer versions. The player will have access to modern weaponries & other assets like airstrikes & helicopter support. The game audio was mostly written by British composer Stephen Barton & Harry Gregson-Williams. Now, the most important part of the game-the game engine. MW runs on IW 3.0 engine. It has superb features that actually make the game graphics revolutionary, like true world dynamic lighting, HDR lighting effects, field depth, etc. The game also boasts of dynamic physics engine & ragdoll physics.


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