Simulation game- Silent Hunter

Silent Hunter is my favourite simulation game. I came to know about this fantastic game around 4 years back & from that time I am hooked to it. This is one of the game (apart from Modern Warfare) that you can find in my PC any time. just after a hectic day, it helps me vent my anger on some silly Cargo Ships who dare to cross my path. Just two to three torpedoes & rest is history. The game is so beautifully designed that it almost seems perfect. The graphics is just awesome & the sound effects is one of the best that I have ever seen in games. While playing the game it almost seems as I am in World War 2 & maybe I can change course of the war.

My favourite targets are aircraft carriers in Silent Hunter -3 & Yamato battle ship in SH 4. The destroyers are the tricky ones & normally I use deck gun to tackle them, off course only when there is one or two of them. Another part that I like very much is destroying the convoys, especially the tankers. In Silent Hunter 3 it’s quite easy to add cheats & you can easily change the submarine torpedo settings.

If you ever want to witness the great World War 2 in all its glory, this is the perfect game for you.

Check out the following website for more information on latest version of Silent Hunter:-

Game trailer-


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