Online Game Review- Street Fighter

Street Fighter is a nice little online game that reminds me of Mortal kombat series. It’s an action based game where the player has to defeat the opponent in the street fight. The player will have certain strengths & weaknesses depending on the character. Similarly the enemy will also have certain strengths(However , in this game I think enemy has some distinct advantage:( ). I tried to play atleast 3 times but was never able to win. The moves are somewhat difficult to learn especially if you are playing in laptop. Graphics & sound effects are basic. It will certainly help you in passing some time in a dull rainy day(or say boring office day). But please do not expect much out of this game, as I guess only beginner players will enjoy it. The game screen is also very small & the instructions are  quite difficult to follow. If you want to play this game for sure, I will suggest go for a desktop.

Anyway, give a look at this game.Who knows, you may like it!

Click here to play Street Fighter.

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