Online Game Review: World tennis

Finally, an online game for tennis lovers. World tennis is a simple online game, with very easy game play & controls. Graphics is ok & sound effect is quite effective. The game has two modes- Friendly match & Tournament. A single match consists of 3 sets and for winning the game the player has to win minimum of two sets. Each set in turn is divided into points. Controls only include the up, down, left & right keys, with space bar to strike the ball.

While serving the ball, you need to hit the space bar twice-once for lifting the ball & once for striking it. World tennis requires quick reflex actions from players & you need to predict where your opponent will play the ball. The game is quite enjoyable for first few times and after that it becomes repetitive & somewhat boring. So, go for this game in case you want a quick hand on tennis, but don’t expect too much from this one.

Click here to play World Tennis.



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