Old is Gold- Counter Strike

After reviewing online games for quite a long time, I just want to share some memories of one of my favourite games- Counter Strike. I still remember the day, when I first saw this game, in one of my friend’s computer & from then till now I am fixated to it. Not only it’s entertaining but adds a different dimension all together to computer games, especially the multi-player ones. We used to play this in our college, with around thirty to fifty players joining at a time and then it was time for blood bath. The features like in game conversation, etc. just add to the experience & were so much fun. May be today, Call of duty series have become more realistic, but one thing is for sure- I still miss the old Counter Strike.

A little information about Counter Strike-
Counter Strike is a tactical first person shooter game that allows the player to either be a terrorist or counter-terrorist. Player can win the round by completing the mission objective or by neutralising the opposing force. The player can buy weapons & other gear by using the monetary bonuses that they have earned in previous levels. The game has lots of mods & scripts that can be used to enhance the game features or to be used as cracks & hacks.


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