Play with Scooby Doo-The Last Act

If you are a scooby doo fan, then this game is definitely for you. It’s lot of time pass & entertaining. Moreover the game play is adventurous & in each level you will find a different surprise. Here, in The last Act you have to guide Shaggy & Scooby through different obstacles & as you move to the next level, a new surprise will be thrown on you. The game play & background music is awesome & help in the story narration. This game will take some time to load in slow internet connections. In between game plays, there are nice cut screens that will help you in understanding the plot. Controls are very easy & straight forward. Before start of each level, you will get clear cut instructions on how to play the level & what’s the story behind it.

My recommendation is that you should give this game a try & I am sure you will get engaged to it.

Click here to play the game.



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