Counter Snipe

Want to check your reflex & observation skills? Checkout this game- Counter Snipe. Game play of Counter snipe is very simple- just find out your enemies & shoot them. You can find some of the enemy shooters relatively easily, whereas some will be very difficult to find as only their face will be visible. You can use the flash of the enemy soldier’s gun or the sound to find out their position. However, your position will also be given out the same way. The locations will change with each game, each having different environment & difficulty level.

Most difficult portion of the game is to stabilise your gun for a clean shot. So, be sure that you have a good mouse. If you have sufficient money, you can go for upgrades like new scopes, suppressor, high capacity magazines, bipod, etc. Otherwise you can go for a completely new gun-10 models to choose from, each with incremental performance improvements. Oh, I forgot to add the most important point- you have to play against time limit. This game can be somewhat difficult, but you can enjoy it at the same time.

Click here to play the game.

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