Casino game:Black Jack

Casino game:Black Jack is a single player version of the most played casino game BlackJack. Here you have to play against the dealer and you will start with hard cash of 1500. You will be having chips for 500,100,25,5,1. Your main target in the game will be to earn as much as possible. Remaining all other rules are same as the original Black Jack.
Game will load very easily as the file size is very small. The game page is secure & free from malicious contents.
If you want to spend some time alone playing your favorite game of blackjack, then this game will suit you. Visit the game page & test your luck.In case you earn more than 5000, you can be sure that’s this is your lucky day.

Click here to play Black jack.

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  1. Nice article. This article helps to play online blackjack for beginner player.

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