5 PC games that you must keep in your computer

1)   Modern Warfare Series- I know, I know! This is not a single game but a series. But it’s very difficult for me to select any one from the 3 parts of this series. Why this game should not be a candidate of deletion? Just because of it’s sheer popularity, combined with excellent game play, visuals, graphics, sound effects & realism. Just mention any particular feature of PC games & this game will excel in that. And above all, this game provides us a sneak peek on what our brave real soldiers are facing in their real life. Just playing this game gives me satisfaction.

2)  Crysis 2- Any other game which can surpass Modern warfare series in graphics & realism will of course be Crysis 2. Keep this game just because of its awesome graphics & realistic effects. Though the game play & story line is not that great, but sure is worth playing. I like moving around in the city landscape & shooting those freaking aliens. For first timers, this game will be as exciting as Modern warfare series. But for me, I am not sure whether I can play this game again & again.

3)  Silent Hunter 3- IF you want to live & play World War 2 then this game is definitely for you. While playing this game you will feel as if you are a part of the Great War & maybe you can change its course. This game gives you a peek into war from the perspective of an German U boat captain. You have to manage your submarine, your crew, follow the orders till your last breath- shooting enemy convoys, battle groups, etc. And who knows maybe you will witness few of the landmark battles in World War 2. The graphics is better than any other ship/submarine simulation games available. Soundtrack & background score is very good. The best part of this game is that it gives you the freedom to roam across the world & does not follow a straight forward fixed storyline,

4) Medal of Honor (Allied Assault/Airborne) – I will never forget the first time I played MOHAA(that’s short form of Medal of honor-Allied assault). I was in college & till today (that’s approx. 8 years) you can still find this game in my PC. This game gives you the best soundtrack ever being created for a game. Just listen to the soundtrack, you will feel part of the gameplot fighting for your country in World War 2. The game storyline is very good & you will love trying out the old guns & grenades. Airborne is also in similar lines, but has better graphics. Also, you will be part of elite airborne troops in this edition,

5) Battlefield 2- This game come close to Modern warfare series, while competing in modern first person shooter game genre while surpassing Mw in some areas. For some gamers, battlefield 2 is much better compared to MW series, but that’s just honest difference in perspective. The story line is set in modern world with access to all modern war gears like air support, etc. Game graphics and realism is top notch & you will not feel bored while trying this one more than once.


Online Game Review: Braap-Braap

Braap-Braap is an exciting online 3D bike racing game. The game is very well built, with very good graphics & sound effects. This one is for all bike stunt lovers.  You have the option to select male or female riders. And you can also customize your dressing suit, its colour, the bike colour, etc. You have to complete the race before the clock ends & also have to beat other racers to win this game. Believe me; it’s very difficult to handle the bike in those dirt tracks. It took me almost 2 hours to finish the first round, that too in 2nd placeL.

You can also do bike stunts & tricks, that will earn you more points. Moreover, you can earn bonuses that will appear on the tracks. This game not only has good graphics on par with PC games, but also allows you to play online with your friends. But for that you need an online account.  The game file size is somewhat large, hence will be slow to load in slow internet connections. Moreover, the game will prompt you to run/install shockwave player. It’s absolutely safe, I tried it in my computer & no viruses or malware was detected by my antivirus software (Norton). Go ahead & enjoy the adrenaline rush.

Click here to play Braap-Braap.


Online Game Review: Palisade Guardian 2 Modern Combat

Palisade Guardian 2 is a purely shooting game with no game story whatsoever. This is a basically first person shooter game. The player needs to protect a house from breaching by enemies. You will be located on the roof of a nearby home & provide with a MP5 machine gun (first level). You have to eliminate swarm of enemies trying to breach the house.  With each level number of enemies attacking the house and their sophistication will increase.  As the level increases, you have to face RPG’s, mortars, jeep mounted RPG’s, tanks, etc.

As you earn money you can buy advanced weapons like M249 SAW or an RPG.  There are 35 levels in this game (& I got bored at level 4).The game does not involve any kind of strategy and neither requires any kind of thinking from player’s side. It’s just a pure out & out shooting games. So if you are looking for a game with nice story or plot, this is definitely not for you. Go for this game only if you want to spend your time improving your mouse/touchpad control skills.

Click here to play Palisade Guardian 2.

Palisade Guardian 2

Online Game Review: Contra

Here comes the grand-father of all action games- Contra. This was the first action adventure game that I ever played! That too, it was a TV game at that time. Anyway, the story I am talking about is at least 20 years old. But there are lots of memories associated with this game. Those days we can’t even think about personal computers (forget laptops!) & internet connection. Only other games that I was aware of at that time were other TV games like Mario, Galaxy & Soccer. But Contra was my favourite at that time too.

Now let’s discuss something about the online game Contra 2000. It will remind you of the original TV game series “Contra”.  In fact this game is a tribute to the original game on its 20th anniversary. The controls are easy. There are 4 difficulty levels in this game, the fourth one being insane. You can also adjust the graphics quality depending upon your computer configuration. I am pretty sure that all the computers will support the highest quality. There are three levels to select from- the jungle, snowfield & the alien lair. The game is so wonderfully copied from its original that I am sure it will bring back your childhood memories.

Click here to play Contra.


Online Game Review:Russian Affairs

Russian affairs is a third person shooter/action-adventure game. The game is quite interesting with a nice storyline to follow (like IGI). The game design is quite unique for an online game. The graphics are like comic strips but looks very decent. The background adds to game story line & creates a domestic underground mafia type atmosphere. The game controls are quite easy, at least in the starting part of the game. As the game advances, it becomes little difficult to move & shoot at the same time. The game file is around 5 MB, so it may take some time in slow/dial-up connections.

The game plot goes like this- Some underground mafia gang is making high powered weapons. The job of you & your team is to look out for those weapons & destroy them before the gang members can use them to create mayhem. But soon you realise that your complete team is wiped out & you are the only member alive to carry on the operation. The game is good in all the aspects, but just lacks in one place- that is, it’s quite repetitive. After playing for around an hour I got quite bored.

But, please give it a try. I am sure lots of people will like this game.

Click here to play Russian Affairs.

Russian affairs

Online Game Review: Elite Force Clone Wars

Elite force clone wars is a strategy cum action game. Here your target is to multiply your force & capture your enemy’s barrack before they can outnumber you. The game is quite good to play for first few levels & will interest you if you like strategic games. After first few levels it becomes repetitive, tedious & boring. Another point is, since it’s a 2d game maybe all of the online player will not like that much. Anyway the game play is decently good, with not so much impressive graphics or sound. What you have to do is, capture as many barracks as possible before your enemies outnumber you. The barracks will help you in multiplying your clones & hence capturing them is of utmost importance. If you capture more barracks than your enemy then your soldiers will multiply at a greater rate & you can defeat your enemy easily. But the trick lies in how to capture the barracks & how to retain them against the repeated attacks by adversary. The blue barracks refer to friendly ones whereas the red ones belong to enemy. The grey ones are neutral ones, so try them to capture as soon as possible as they will not oppose you.

I will not 100% recommend you this game, but you can give it a try!

Click here to play this game.

Online Game Review: Apple Shooter

This is a really funny shooting game. After so many days I had a hearty laugh while playing this game. The game is very simple yet very funny & interesting. As the name suggest, you need to shoot an apple. And the funny part is that the apple will be kept on another person’s head. Now, you made a slight mistake & that person will lose his life (or eye at least!).

I tried to cross this game as much as possible but was able to reach only till 40 meters. After that it becomes quite difficult. And yes, I have tried various ways in which we can kill the person with apple in his heads! You can sever his head or take out that intestine from his stomach. Ok, now its getting quite gory, so I will leave it here. Now it’s your turn to play. Think twice before you take a shot. Someone’s life is in your hands.

Click here to play Apple- Shooter.