Game Review: Cooking Academy

Cooking Academy is an online cooking game that is predominantly designed for girls/women.

Cooking Academy will help you in learning the delicate art of cooking (at least some of the dishes) in a fun & entertaining way. Through this game, you can learn to prepare more than 50 delicious recipes including eggrolls, pancakes and more! You can first cook & practice and once you are confident enough put your skills to the test in an exam where you have to complete the task within the prescribed time limit. Not only these, while cooking you will also get to learn interesting facts about dishes, like the country of origin, actual meaning of the dishes, etc.

Cooking academy is a flash based game with background music. Game will load very fast. You can also download the complete game from the link provided in the game screen. I was not able to find any hidden viruses or adware in the game page but beware the game page is somewhat cluttered. Altogether, the game is ok & its specifically for gamers who like to cook.

Click here to play Cooking Academy.

Parent Website-


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